3 April
Tips For Beginner Runners
3 April 2021

There’s no quick fix if you want to perform well as a runner. It is commonly believed, that after just a few runs, you will start noticing a wide range of benefits, such as increased strength and endurance. However, there is slightly more involved in improving your running ability than running alone. A proper running technique and a strong commitment will also help boost your performance. This is typically where beginner runners need some assistance.

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20 March
The Olympics : From an athlete perspective.
20 March 2021

Thanks again to Hannah Irwin for an excellent article. After the disappointing but right decision to postpone the Olympics last year, it is difficult to know what capacity they will take place in this year. There is speculation about whether it will go on behind closed doors, or maybe with a limited number of spectators, however, there is no knowing exactly what it will be like.

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