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With that in mind, we are going to share some of our favourite habits for a productive morning:

Be Organised And Sleep Early - It is difficult to have a productive day if you are poorly prepared and tired. Everything you achieve the following morning can depend on how well you sleep. If you regularly do creative work or cognitively demanding tasks, being sleep-deprived could significantly hinder the quality of your work. This is because poor sleeping habits can result in reduced motivation, irritability, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and a lack of productivity. Additionally, if you get your clothes and work equipment ready the night before, there will be no morning stress.

Exercise Or Run - Running and engaging in other forms of exercise in the morning can help stimulate your physical and mental condition. Once you are up and out of bed, it is ideal to quickly increase your mental alertness. Running causes adrenaline and endorphins to flow through your body, preparing you for a proactive, energised day.

Shower Immediately- Try showering immediately after completing your morning run A combination of good exercise and a refreshing shower can combat morning grogginess and prepare you for a busy day ahead. It’s all about starting your day decisively and confidently.

Eat A Balanced Breakfast - After sleeping well and doing a workout or going for a run, another component of a productive morning is to eat well. Many people start their day consuming simple carbs and saturated fats or skipping breakfast completely. It is a good idea to avoid eating foods such as bacon and waffles too regularly, but it is important to get some fuel into your body. A glass of milk with a bowl of fresh fruit and yogurt is a great example of a healthy breakfast. A comforting bowl of porridge is another great meal to set you up for the morning. For a mid-morning snack, roasted nuts are great to get even more protein in.

Set Goals And Track Your Progress - Set yourself at least one mini goal that you want to achieve before lunch. Any morning productivity hack could fail if it’s not practical and not goal-oriented. It can be incredibly motivating knowing that you will achieve something by lunchtime if you stay on track. If it helps, write a list and tick off tasks as you achieve them to track your productivity.

However, remember that a general morning routine may not work for everyone and you may need to do some trailing to find out what works best for you.

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