Lujeri Face Mask

Each of our masks are delicately made in a small showroom in the heart of Blantyre Malawi. These masks have two layers of vibrant cotton chitenge material & an innermost layer made of felt material. Every mask is unique, as it embodies the different parts of a chitenge. The beauty of a chitenge is that, the most exquisite ones have the most complex & unsymmetrical designs, giving you a sense of personalization & individuality.



All our material is purchased locally, supporting small scale fabric vendors situated in Limbe, Malawi. These fabrics come from bordering countries (Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique) & sometimes Kenya. We will soon be introducing exclusive Malawian manufactured chitenge colourways, to connect you to the Warm Heart of Africa.

Our masks are named after districts, towns & cities in Malawi and each mask embodies the landscape & aura of said areas.

Please note though, these are not medical grade masks and do not guarantee to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. They should also be washed after every wear to avoid contamination.


Small (Child - Width: 24.5cm * 16.5cm)
Medium (31cm * 17.5cm)
Large (36cm * 19cm)