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One thousand five hundred eight of these cases are active, while 345 have recovered and 24 deaths have been recorded.

Measures to contain the virus have been put in place, in efforts to accommodate the average Malawian’s lifestyle. The country has not experienced a formal lockdown as the ordinary Malawian lives from hand to mouth and does not get any official help from the State.

A few months ago, we purchased 107 triple layered cloth face masks from Farida & Edda, two Malawian ladies who, since Malawi registered it’s first few cases, have been making cloth masks with the hopes of increasing awareness amongst the communities as well as giving people the opportunity to protect themselves somehow.

As the purchase of single-use surgical masks cannot be afforded or maintained by many Malawians, the provision of reusable & washable cloth masks is more sustainable & has proven to raise awareness about the virus in places where social distancing is almost impossible, i.e. market places.

With every mask we purchased, the same number of masks was donated to an initiative in Malawi called Women for Social Change, also headed by a Malawian Woman Cathy Kita. These masks have recently been distributed to people in Chikwawa District.

If you would like to purchase one of these masks, do take a look at our tab & purchase some for you and your family or friends. Sizes range from a standard children’s size to large adult-sized masks. Click Here