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You have shown incredible range with great times from 5k to 100 miles, how do you think this range has helped you in the marathon?

Thanks very much! Having got into running ultras before I ran 5ks it’s been really interesting getting back to some ‘quick running’. It’s made me a much more versatile athlete. I love being able to flick from 100-mile races to XC and back to the mountains. I think that the marathon is a different beast with elements that I can draw from both, will it work.... who knows but I’m looking forward to finding out!

Photo: Trail Running

Some say the course at Kew could have lots of twists and turns, others think it’s great and sheltered, what are your opinions on the course? Do you think it could play to your strengths?

The course is the course and what will be will be. I just really hope that the athletes are put first and then course is representative of athletes would run on other courses. My training relies on ‘specificity’ so knowing the course is going to be important so I’m hoping it’s released soon.

What are you hoping to come away from the trials at Kew with?

I really want to do myself proud at the trials. In my training I honestly just concentrate on the process, I want to be really consistent with my build up and leave no stone unturned. So as for the outcome... we shall see!

Kenya and Ethiopia always seem to dominate in the marathon and distance events, what do you think you can do to bridge the barrier between the ‘British runner’ and the ‘Kenyan’?

I think that British endurance running is going from strength to strength. With continued support from London marathon and British Athletics I think that the gap can start to get bridged of the right opportunities are there. Callum Hawkins is doing an amazing job at leading the charge!!