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Flora Beverley (Food, Fitness, Flora)

Flora Beverley is an influencer who promotes everything food and fitness related. She is an avid runner, but also gives viewers an insight into her life around running and fitness. Her videos include day in the life vlogs, every day running tips, recipe videos, and more. Flora provides casual, yet informative chat, hoping to answer the questions we all have about influencers and runners. We had the opportunity to ask Flora about her channel, and here is what she had to say.

What makes your channel unique?
Nothing! The whole point in it is that I'm just a very normal person doing runs. :) Anyone can do them! Although I do think that I'm lucky enough to have some of the best places to run here in the UK on the Jurassic Coast.

Describe your channel in three words.
Running, educational, positive.

What do you aim to achieve with his channel?
The above three things. I want to inspire people to get outside and to truly ENJOY getting out. I want them to stop comparing their times with others (I rarely talk about paces or times on my page) and learn to run for the sake of running - it can be so fun when you remove pressure! I also want to help educate people on all things sustainability, gear, fitness and health.

Number of subscribers: 27k
Channel age: 7 years

Ben Parkes

Ben Parkes is a 2:25 marathoner, coach and content creator. His YouTube channel covers every topic imaginable; whether that is something crazy, such as running a 70k ultra in a storm or updating you with his weekly training and racing. Ben Parkes offers a bit of light-hearted insight into what it takes to run fast and far, allowing you to follow his running journey.

Unfortunately, Ben Parkes was unavailable to provide feedback, but we summarised his channel for you!

What makes his channel unique?
His channel is fun and engages with anyone. Whether you are running a 5k for the first time, doing your 10th marathon, or venturing into the land of ultras, Ben Parkes’ YouTube channel is a great follow. He also documents the difficulties of running as much as the highs, so you can be sure to find out what the life of a runner looks like in all aspects.

Describe his channel in three words.
Fun. Crazy. Informative.

What does he aim to achieve with his channel?
Provide insight into what it takes to perform at a top level whilst offering tips and tricks to anyone with a passion for running.

Number of subscribers: 66.3k
Channel age: 2.5 years

The Welsh Runner

Many of you will be familiar with the story of The Welsh Runner (Matt Rees). It was Matt Rees who forwent his London Marathoner sprint finish to aid a man struggling to hold himself upright down The Mall. Rees, who was on target to run sub-2hr50mins, threw it all aside, to help someone else. The Welsh Runner not only uses his YouTube Platform to document his journey, but also to raise awareness of the incredibly positive impact running can have on your mental health. He will even try and help you smash sessions by offering advice in his video ‘The Mental Battle During Workouts’. Here’s how we would best describe The Welsh Runner’s channel.

What makes Matt’s channel unique?
The attention it pays to mental health. Matt Rees’ channel encourages athletes to speak up about their struggles and recognise the positive impact running can have on mental wellbeing.

Describe your channel in three words.
Inspiring, relatable, informative.

What do you aim to achieve with your channel?
To help others recognise the power running has over mental health as well as providing some light-hearted, informative content.

Number of subscribers: 4.19k
Channel age: Videos dating back 4 years but been consistently producing content for 2.5 years.

Kellogs On The Run

As a mother, now making her comeback to running, Kelly proves that you can still train for marathons and ultras even with a little one in your life. On her relatively new YouTube channel, she interviews some top athletes within the running world in her ‘Run With’ series, reviews products and discusses training. Kelly’s channel isn’t just for running mums, but for those looking for insights into the lives of other runners.

What makes Kelly’s channel unique?
It shows the journey of a competitive runner after pregnancy, which is rarely fully documented. The in-depth interviews with some of our country’s top athletes provides a unique insight into the lives of elite runners in a relaxed, enlightening way.

Describe this channel in three words.
Refreshing. Innovative. Growing.

What does she aim to achieve with his channel?
To show other post-natal mothers than the return to running after giving birth isn’t as scary as it sounds, whilst engaging a larger audience with her interview series.

Number of subscribers: 1.3k
Channel age: Nearly 9 months

The Forest of Dean Runner

The Forest of Dean Runner, aka the FOD Runner, documents everything from running shoe reviews, to training vlogs, race day videos and more! When it comes to product analysis, he provides in-depth, detailed reviews and tests shoes over all sorts of distances and speeds. He documents the tough, behind the scenes aspects of training, along with the post-race highs, giving you an honest account of the life of a runner.

What makes your channel unique?
“I love to put a twist on running videos by adding my own style to the mix. Think shoes reviews with “proper” testing, think racing vlogs with “all out performances” and training videos where it’s left “all out there”.”

Describe your channel in three words.
“Racing, training, reviews.”

What do you aim to achieve with your channel?
“To continue to grow and help motivate and inspire all levels of runners to become the best they can be.”

Number of subscribers: 8.32k
Channel age: 5 years

The Running Channel

The Running Channel aims to unite runners of all abilities through their passion for running. Whether you run marathons competitively or just enjoy getting your trainers on once a week, this channel will bring great videos for you to watch at any time. Their videos include anything from product reviews to training tips, and they also provide an extremely helpful array of videos that review different brands and styles of trainers. Therefore, before you think about buying your next pair, head over to the Running Channel to see what they think of the different styles. It is worth noting that they aren’t endorsed by any of these brands, so their reviews are 100% honest.

What makes your channel unique?
“We're creating really varied videos about everything to do with running, from product reviews, to expert tips and epic challenges.”

Describe your channel in three words.
“Fun, informative, passionate.”

What do you aim to achieve with your channel?
“We want to help as many people as possible to enjoy running as much as we do. We are trying to do this by building a supportive online community of runners from all over the world where everyone is welcome.”

Number of subscribers: 168k
Age: Nearly 2 years old

Hopefully this article has given you an insight into some of the running YouTube channels we recommend. Go and subscribe to their channels and find out what they have to say.

Blog By: Hannah Irwin