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The UN have predicted that the impact of COVID-19 could be ‘disastrously huge on poverty-stricken Malawi’. Having spent time there exploring the local villages, running the trails and meeting the wonderful people, we find this devastating.

We just had to do something to help. Checkout our first designs here

A local enterprise

That’s why we reached out to Farida, a Malawian local who was part of the team that looked after us so well during our stay. She told us many of the locals are now not able to work. But she and her friend Edda have started selling face masks to protect against coronavirus. They’re made by her fellow Malawians, using local materials.

And look how beautiful they are! We just had to share them with you. Even better, for each mask sold, Farida and Edda are donating one additional mask to a local charity to help protect others against this unrelenting virus.

About the face masks

Each mask is made from stunning African fabric which is 100% cotton on the outside and felt on the inside. They are breathable, extremely comfortable to wear and have elastic that goes around the ears rather than the whole head. Please note though, these are not medical grade masks and do not guarantee to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. They should also be washed after every wear to avoid contamination.

As we begin to emerge from lockdown this is a time to come together and think of those for whom the horror may only be beginning. As we begin to enter public spaces again, we’ve been advised to wear face masks for protection.

Not only are these beautiful and unique, what could be better than knowing you’ve also provided a face mask for someone in Malawi who may not otherwise be able to afford one?
Stay safe. Stay protected!