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  1. Establish your new routine – find what works for you!
    Routine is so important, particularly when you are spending most of your time at home. Weekdays can easily blend into weekends, and it can be hard to find structure within your days.
    Every Sunday, I write out my workout plan for the week, whether it’s an early morning run, a lunchtime HIIT session or even just a quick five-minute yoga practice
  2. Virtual workouts
    Even though many of us are unable to leave our homes, there are still ways in which we can workout with others.
    If you live with someone, it could be hugely motivating to get them involved in some of your workouts. If you live alone, get your friends together and do a virtual workout over Zoom, FaceTime, Houseparty, or whatever works best for you.
    I’m also a big fan of Instagram lives; a number of personal trainers and studios are kindly providing regular live workouts free of charge. Here are a few of my favourites, incorporating a mixture of strength training, yoga and HIIT:
    Alice Liveing Instagram
    Shona Vertue Instagram
    Carly Rowena Instagram
  3. Create a dedicated space for workouts
    Having a dedicated space has been a great motivator for me, and although the internet might try to convince you otherwise, this does not mean that you need to invest in a treadmill, spin bike and squat rack.
    There are plenty of workouts you can do without any equipment at all; my workout space consists of a yoga mat, a resistance band, and a large plant pot which I use as an alternative to weights!
  4. Do what you love
    I absolutely loathe HIIT sessions, and the thought of doing push ups and burpees makes me want to vomit! This doesn’t mean that I completely abandon all HIIT workouts; I still incorporate this into my weekly routine, but it’s definitely not my main focus.
    If you are lucky enough to find a style of exercise that you love, or at least mildly enjoy, you’re onto a winner!

Speical thanks to Mellissa Oliver for providing this blog.